Prayer Groups

Divine Mercy of St. Faustina

This group was created through the initiative of two Polish nuns invited by the priest each year to help him with the mission in Rhodes.
The group meets weekly to receite the Crown of the Divine Mercy inspired by Jesus to St. Faustina. The Parish has both an Italian language group and an English language group.
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Legion of Mary

It’s an international Catholic association of laic people who want to help the church in its evangelizing mission. Their spirituality is mainly based on their faith in the joint action of the Holy Spirit and Holy Mary in redemption and in spreading the Reign of God. This movement, started in the first half of the XX century, has recently flourished again.

Legion of Mary meets in Sancta Maria on Sunday afternoons at 15.00
Church of Our Lady of Victory ''Santa Maria''
Kathopouli 45 – Rhodes Town

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El- Shaddai DWXI- Prayer Partners Foundation International Ministry

This is a charismatic Catholic movement, founded in the Philippines in the 1990s. It was created to support the Mother Church and to spread the good news of salvation and a new life in Jesus Christ. A minister comes to Athens every month to give spiritual support to the group

El Shaddai group meets in St Clare’s Hall (Sancta Maria)on Sundays 15.00
Church of Our Lady of Victory ''Santa Maria''
Kathopouli 45 – Rhodes Town

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Lasallian Association Ex-Alumni of Rhodes.

In 1920, eight years after the Italian occupation of Rhodes and the Dodecanese, the government asked the Lasallian Brothers of the Christian schools of Trento Province, to start school activities on the island for the school year 1921-1922.
After the Dodecanese passed over to Greece, the two last Italian Brothers left Rhodes and the Italian school was closed on September 9, 1950.
In 1969, thanks to the positive initiative of some ex-alumni, the Lasallian Association Ex-Alumni of Rhodes was founded and organized its first congress in Rome. A fruitful cooperation between the ex-alumni and the small Catholic community of the island was then started.
There are more than 900 Lasallian schools in the world and they are on every continent. They have 1 million students and 80000 teachers.

The Guild of the Holy Souls

The Guild of the Holy Souls offers prayers for the repose of the souls of the dead as well as volunteer work in the Catholic Cemetery.